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Do you own a Ferroli boiler that is out of warranty needs a service or a repair i.e. the Optimax HE31c domicondense HE26c?

We at Boiler Repairs Gas carry a full stock of Ferroli spares on our vans but are also Ferroli trained we even work with British gas when they can’t fix it they call us so your boiler is not a problem for us to fix.

We can do a fixed price repair which includes parts or work on our normal terms which is an hourly rate plus parts you can choose which option suits you.

We will also be happy to set up an annual service plan for you and you will be safe in the knowledge that we know these boilers inside out so we generally fix on first visit which keeps the cost down and the inconvenience low.

THe problem could be simple as a diverter or as complex as the pcb parmeters require resetting what ever the problem we will resolve it for you.

Optimax, Domicondens, Modena, domi compact, Fertech, Tone, Maxima, Ferroli f24.