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Service your Boiler Annually

Everyone knows that it is important to service your boiler to keep a central heating system healthy. To ensure a user sticks to the schedule of periodic servicing, they can use the service interval time controls as a reminder, to ensure they keep to the recommended servicing schedule.

Despite an industry emphasis towards upgrading old boilers to new high efficiency boilers to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, there is still little focus put on the importance of regular central heating maintenance.

There are good reasons for ensuring that the boiler and your central heating system are regularly serviced:

Legal Requirements: It ensures you abide by the law which requires the owner of the property to make sure the boiler and the heating system are in good operating order.

Performance: It ensures that performance is kept stable and reliable even at peak demand levels.

Many households in the UK are unaware of their legal obligation. There are talks of imposing penalties in cases of accidents that involve damage or injury due to neglect on the side of the homeowner. There are automatic reminding mechanisms that help homeowners or tenants to keep up to the maintenance schedule. Some use a flag up mechanism that raises the flag. Other systems physically turn the system off if the scheduled service was not done on time.

Calls for boiler servicing rise steeply the closer it gets to winter. Using an automatic reminder for calling an engineer reduces scheduling crunches and un-serviced systems waiting for an engineer.